Cork City Music College

Mission Statement

'Music For Life'

Our vision is to give our students a love of music in a safe, inclusive, and positive environment, and to provide the highest standards of music education, awareness, and appreciation to students of all standards, ages, and capabilities.

With a wide range of instrumental, practical, and theoretical curricula to suit each individual student, our mission is to make music accessible to all in the community, and online, so that every student is encouraged to achieve their full potential and embrace the lifelong gift of music.

We will deliver on our duty of care to our students by embracing our core values of inclusiveness, excellence, caring, respect, communication and fun.  We will always be customer driven. 

The College offers the student the lifelong gift of music, and with this the valuable skills of balance, concentration and co-ordination, assets to any individual regardless of their career or faculty. There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that participation in music education enhances concentration and improves academic performance.