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Music Bug Club

Our aim is to introduce your child to music, probably one of the most rewarding experiences of his/her life, in a fun way. The children are encouraged to enjoy and appreciate music making in a non-competitive, non-pressurised way.

The objective is to develop the child's aural ability through pitch and rhythmic activities, including movement to music, singing, and active listening in order to prepare them for instrumental tuition.

The child will be introduced to music making and notation through the use of voice, recorder, and percussion instruments with the support of four helpful bugs, Bernie Bee, Clive Caterpillar, Colin Cricket, and Lucy Ladybird!

The recorder is suitable for little fingers and progress is usually swift enough to give a good sense of satisfaction and achievement. It is inexpensive and the child's interest can be assessed without the outlay of a costly instrument.

This class is now available in all our Outreach Centres and typically takes place immediately after school. A class is also held in Deerpark CBS on Saturday mornings. Music Bug Club class is held weekly and is typically 40 minutes in length (depending on enrolment numbers).

Why do they like the Music Bug Club?

"We learn lots of songs and clap along too", Isabella

"I like MBC because we learn to play One Direction songs on recorder", Alison

"I like being with my friends and playing the recorder", Aoife

"We use our sticker book to put notes in to help us learn music notes", Aisling, Isabella, Ellie

Music Bug Club 2