Enrolment Policy

CCMC Enrolment Policy 2019/2020

The Board of Cork City Music College (CCMC) has put in place the following enrolment policy, and we would ask you to read it carefully.  This is in place to safeguard the future of the College and the Music Outreach Programme for all our students, and is not negotiable.  Cork City Music College is a registered charity and is a non-profit organisation (Charity Number 14265).

General Information:  There are TWO semesters in the academic year.

Semester 1: 9 September 2019- 19 January 2020

Semester 2: 20 January 2020-1 June 2020

Enrolment:  All applications must be submitted with a €50 non-refundable deposit and completed enrolment form; otherwise a place will not be reserved.  Deposits will be deducted from the second semester fees. 

  1. All fees must be paid by the due dates. Students whose fees are unpaid may not be admitted to class, and the College cannot be responsible for these students.
  2. The closing date for first payment of fees is August 23rd.
  3. After August 23rd, places will not be held unless full fees are paid. If fees are not paid, places will be re-allocated to new applicants and deposits will NOT be returned after this date.

Students With Special Needs:  CCMC welcomes applications from all students with an interest in music.  Our teachers work closely with parents/guardians of all children in order to provide the best musical education possible.  Although CCMC teachers are not trained specifically to work with students with special needs, in so far as is practicable for everyone involved, CCMC works hard in conjunction with students, teachers and parents/guardians to meet the individual needs of all its students.

Supervision:  Teachers are not responsible for students outside their classroom time.  Parents are asked to ensure that children (i.e. students under the age of 18) are not left unsupervised before class and are collected promptly at the end of class.  Parents of Music Bug Club students will be asked to sign a declaration ensuring that they will collect their children directly from the classroom door immediately at the end of class.

Conduct:  In the interest of safety, students are required to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner before, during and after class.  CCMC reserves the right to discontinue teaching a student due to the student’s continued breach of discipline.

Injury to students:  The Board of Management (BOM), directors, or teachers of the college cannot be held responsible for injury to any student caused by the student’s own negligence or disregard of the regulations and Enrolment Policy, or by such negligence or disregard on the part of any student or students.

Discontinuance:  In extreme cases, CCMC reserves the right to dismiss and cease a student’s tuition due to behavioural/disciplinary issues, non-payment of fees, and non-compliance of the regulations and Enrolment Policy.

Board of Management: CCMC has a voluntary board of management.  Parents of students, or students over the age of 18 are invited to join the BOM. Please contact the office if you are interested.

Advertising/Photo Release Policy:  We may use your photo for promotional use on our website, social media or in promotional materials (such as a brochure that we mail out to prospective students). We will always seek your consent in using these photos except when a publicly accessible concert is on and a student is performing. However if you object to us using a picture of you at a concert or performance just inform us and we will, normally, immediately remove it. The use of photographs/ videos taken by third parties at any public CCMC events are not under the control of Cork City Music College.

Time-Tabling:  The timetable is compiled in June, and students are informed of their times in early August.  New and late applicants will be allocated times as vacancies arise, and will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.  Educational considerations take precedence in grouping the classes.  While CCMC will try to facilitate students’ requests regarding times of classes, CCMC cannot guarantee to be able to do so on all occasions.

Tuition:  Lessons missed by students will not be made up.  As a courtesy to the teacher, we ask that the College be notified before class time if a student is to be absent.  If a teacher is unable to teach, a substitute teacher may be appointed. In situations where this is not possible, classes will be made up at a time mutually convenient for teacher and student.  Allocation of teachers or changes of teachers will be determined by Management.  It is the student’s responsibility to make her/himself available for theory class if s/he wishes to attend such a class.  Students must ensure that they bring all necessary materials to class each week as directed by their teacher(s). Instruments and materials required for class are not included in the tuition fee.

Examinations:  Music exams are held in May/June at CCMC in Deerpark CBS and other venues in the city depending on the examining board.  Exams can also be undertaken before Christmas and Easter.  Examining boards used by CCMC are the Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM), Trinity College London, The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London College of Music, and Rockschool.  CCMC holds in-house examinations in early June.  All regular music tuition will be suspended during the period when the RIAM summer exams take place in May.  Please note that in the case of external examining boards, CCMC does not arrange the timetabling.  Therefore, it is advised that, at the time of applying for external exams, students should notify the CCMC Exam Co-ordinator of any dates/times that may cause conflict. However, there is no guarantee that the examining body will be able to cater for candidate’s requests.

Exam Applications/Fees:  Exam entries must be made, with correct payment, through the College office using forms supplied by CCMC teachers.  Entries are governed by the rules of the relevant examining board. No entries can be accepted after the official closing dates as set by CCMC.  Exam applications will not be accepted from candidates whose CCMC tuition fees are in arrears.

Accompanists in Exams:  In cases where an examining board requires candidates to use an accompanist, CCMC will endeavour to organise an accompanist if the candidate so requires on their exam application form.  However, the accompanist’s fee is the responsibility of the candidate and must be paid directly to the accompanist before the examination date.

Communications with CCMC:  Communication from the CCMC office will generally be made by email including invoicing, CCMC newsletter, notification of events etc.  Please ensure the office has your most up-to-date contact details including email address, postal address, and mobile phone numbers.  CCMC also uses Facebook to keep parents/students abreast of current college news, exam closing dates and other important events. Please refer to our Privacy Policy available at www.ccmc.ie.

Communications Between CCMC Teachers & Parents/Students:  The main method of communication between CCMC teachers and parents/students is via the students’ music journal, which should be signed by a parent every week. Every student must bring a dedicated copy to their music classes for this purpose. If a student or parent/guardian of a student wishes to discuss progress or any other relevant issue with a teacher, this should be done at the start of the student’s class or at a time convenient for the teacher concerned.

Formation and Continuation of Classes:  The BOM reserves the right to refuse to open any class or course, the enrolment for which is, in its opinion, insufficient.  All fees will be refunded in such an event.  Please note that, in regard to group instrumental classes, where the number of students per class alters post enrolment, fees and/or class lengths may change in accordance with our Schedule of Fees on the CCMC website/brochure.  We recommend that advanced students (i.e. from grade 7 upwards) register for 40-minute classes.

Calendar: Please consult the College calendar available on our website/brochure for CCMC holidays and closures, etc.  Please note that classes that fall on public holidays will be rearranged with the exception of St. Patrick’s Holiday.  Furthermore, regular CCMC music classes will be suspended on the week of the Royal Irish Academy of Music examinations in May/June. 

Methods of Payment (Closing date for first payment: 23rd August 2019):

All applications must be accompanied with a €50 non-refundable deposit and completed enrolment form.

Deposits will be deducted from second semester fees.  The balance is to be paid by one of the following methods:

  1. Bank Transfer:

Please contact the office to obtain our bank account details. 

  1. Two Instalments:

First semester payment before 23rd  August 2019.

Second semester payment (less deposit) before 30th November 2019.

Payment may be made using cash directly to the office during public office hours, crossed cheques/postal orders made payable to Cork City Music College.   CCMC teachers do not accept payments.  Please note that unpaid/bounced cheques will incur a €15 processing charge.

  1. Standing Order:

This is paid in FIVE instalments: the first instalment must be paid directly to the office before 23rd August 2019. The remaining four instalments are to be paid by direct debit over FOUR months, commencing in September 2019. Payment by direct debit is available to students who commence tuition in the first semester only, and each direct debit is subject to a surcharge of €5.

 The Cork City Music College Enrolment Policy is updated on a regular basis and thus the Enrolment Policy found on our website at www.ccmc.ie will supersede all other CCMC Enrolment Policies in our printed documents/brochures.