Adult Tuition

At CCMC we welcome students of all ages and backgrounds to participate in music classes. Adults are especially welcome to enrol for a range of courses, including instrumental and theory classes.  Whether the student is a complete beginner or returning to music, CCMC offers a variety of classes to suit each individual. Typically, adult instrumental classes are held weekly, on an individual basis, at a time that is convenient for the student. The aim of these classes is to provide an enjoyable method of instrumental learning in a relaxed atmosphere. The goal of the student is extremely important to us, whether it is learning to play to develop a new skill or to partake in instrumental examinations. We recognise that adults have many pressures on their time from work to family commitments and thus we aim to be as flexible as we can in relation to classes. Adults can also participate in 'Fast-Track Theory' and Leaving Certificate Music and Musicianship classes.