Instrumental Tuition

Instrumental Tuition

These classes take place in all centres and the type of instrumental tuition available depends on the centre in question (see College Centres). Typically, these classes are weekly individual or small group classes, and the focus of each class is geared towards the specific needs and objectives of the individual student. Classes are open to students of all ages and backgrounds. In Coláiste Éamann Rís, instrumental classes are held from afternoon to evening Monday to Friday, and on Saturday mornings. In our Outreach Centres, classes usually commence after school on weekdays. Classes are generally half an hour, (twenty minutes for beginners) in duration. However, we recommend that advanced students (i.e. from grade 7 upwards) register for 40-minute classes.

Class schedules are compiled during the summer months and confirmation of lesson times are emailed to students early to mid-August. While we aim to adhere as closely as possible to schedules from the previous academic year, there may be some variation to lesson times previously scheduled. Flexibility with regards to times is essential. All places are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and when enrolling, we kindly ask students to add a note to their booking stating their preferred day and time of availability. We always do our utmost to facilitate requests where possible.

In Outreach centres, lesson slots immediately after school are reserved for Music Bug Club classes. Educational considerations take precedence in grouping the classes; priority is given to group classes and our younger students in the earlier time-slots on a teacher’s schedule.


Group Teaching

Music schools all over the world are moving to recognise the benefit of group teaching, including group piano classes, for early learners. At CCMC, we have been promoting these types of classes for young instrumental beginners for many years. The motivation for this is initially cost saving but there are also good pedagogical reasons:

  • Children learn the basics faster so have a greater sense of achievement;
  • Children learn from and encourage each other;
  • The long term drop-out rate is less;
  • Children form social groups and have fun together.

Students that have completed Music Bug Club are encouraged to follow on with Music Bug Club 2 or commence instrumental classes in small groups. In order to provide the best personal attention possible to each student, numbers in group classes are strictly limited. For further information please contact us.